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Brands I have worked with

Financial Specialist & Consultant

With over 15 years in the fashion retail industry, I have run my own fashion accessories brand, led multi-functional teams in international companies, been part of styling teams for fashion shows and worked abroad throughout the US and Europe to gain the knowledge I have today.

With my Medical Biology BSc Hons degree, in addition to my hands-on working experience, I have leaned into my diagnostic skill set to drive a more analytical approach to fashion, without losing the fun. My objective is to enable a means to reduce waste which will ultimately improve profits and benefit the negative impacts on the world as a result of the fashion industry. But more so from a customer perspective, provide a sustainable approach to shopping, restyling or reinventing ones style with the clothes they own and open some doors to other eco-conscious ways to update ones wardrobe. 


Business & Career Optimization

Setback to Success: A Guide to Building Career Resilience

Speaker: Sustainability in Fashion and DE&I

Writer: Film Review

Having written dozens of reviews for Close-Up Film* across all genres, here are a few of my favourites.

*In my previous pen name name Jennifer Chuks

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